What other kinds of car insurance are typical ?


The most basic form of legally needed auto insurance covers damage to other people’s property but not to your own vehicle. Consider the following additional insurance policies for your own vehicle:


Collision insurance covers any damage to your car that occurs when you are at fault in a collision with a tree or other object, such as a barrier or another car. While damage from potholes or rolling your car is covered by collision insurance, technical failure or normal wear and tear on your car is not.

Comprehensive coverage is offered in the case of theft or damage brought on by a non-collision incident, such as a fire, flood, vandalism, hail, falling rocks or trees, other threats, or even being struck by an asteroid.

The common problem of windshield damage is covered by glass coverage. Some auto insurance policies include no-deductible glass coverage, which covers side, rear, and glass sunroofs. You could also purchase additional glass protection.

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