Is auto insurance a requirement ?


Auto insurance is legally required in most states, with the exception of New Hampshire and Virginia. It is important to have auto insurance because it protects you, your passengers, and other drivers from financial losses if you are involved in an accident. Auto insurance coverage also helps pay for repairs to your vehicle and medical costs if you’re injured in an accident. In addition, auto insurance can help protect you from liability claims when someone else is injured or their property damage is caused by your vehicle.

Without auto insurance coverage, drivers face expensive fines and potential license suspension or revocation in some states. Additionally, drivers who cause accidents without having valid auto insurance coverage may be held responsible for all damages related to the incident.

Almost many states demand that car owners carry property damage liability, bodily injury liability, medical payments or personal injury protection (PIP).

By having auto insurance coverage, drivers can rest assured that they are covered in the event of a car accident. Having proper auto insurance coverage gives peace of mind knowing that medical bills and repair costs will be taken care of if an unexpected event happens on the road.

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