Who and what situations are covered by my auto insurance?

Your auto insurance covers you, the policyholder, when you are driving your vehicle. It also covers any other named insureds on the policy. That could include a spouse or family member who lives in your household and is listed as an additional driver on the policy.

It also covers any other drivers who have permission to use the vehicle with your consent. This includes friends, family members, and employees of businesses that use your car for business purposes.

Your auto insurance will cover property damage caused by an accident that occurs while you are driving your car and bodily injury to both you and others that results from an accident while you are driving or riding in your car.

It also provides coverage if someone else is driving with permission and causes damage or injury to another person or their property.

Your personal vehicle coverage solely covers personal driving, regardless of where you are going, whether you are commuting to work or not, conducting errands, or commuting. It won’t provide coverage if you use your car for business purposes, example as if you deliver pizzas.


Your personal auto insurance will not provide coverage if you utilize a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft to transport passengers in your automobile. However, a number of auto insurance companies now provide supplemental insurance plans that expand coverage for motorists who use their vehicles for ride-sharing services (at an additional fee).

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